Giant Spitfire ARF Sneak Peek!

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We just got back from the flying field after test flying the new giant scale Spitfire ARF from Top Flite. This 50cc warbird flies great and it is equipped with Robart’s new electric retracts. The Spitfire took off easily at half power with the DLE 50 turning a Falcon 23×10 propeller! Wow! With a Best Pilot RAF pilot, this 85 inch span WW2 Icon is a great addition to anyone’s RC giant scale hangar. Rick Bell our test pilot/reviewer gives the Spitfire 2 thumbs up! Watch for his detailed review in an upcoming issue of MAN. Thank your CCRCC club for letting us use your great facility once again!






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2 Responses to “Giant Spitfire ARF Sneak Peek!”

  1. harry van der meer (75) says:

    Hello Gerry, lifelong passion for scale, I have that for the Spitfire. Sorri.
    Its great to seen an ARF on such scale, maybe best scale: you can almost unlimited weight with you. The model looks great and correct except for the paintwork. Its a pity that T.F. did not make it also correct. Whats false?
    The model is Mk IX with correct exhaust, carb airscoop, spinner,(long?) nose
    but has Mk I-V elevator, wheeldoors etc. The colorscheme represents a Mk I-II or V with early type roundle and finflash. The sand colour is type as used in Africa en Midd East. But Mr Top Flite, you know Dave Platt very well, and he
    knows all the details correct, as he is Original British and one of the first
    full scale Spitfire modellers!. Please try to do it correct fo the future, you would blame us also if we used the wrong USAAF colors. Oh, and one more thing, such a big model should have a REAL liquid cooled engine, with radiator, pump and fully enclosed cowling. A mini Merlin or Allison (V-6??)is really now the only missing factor in scale modelling!! Can you advise the companies??? Then I start a P-38 at once. Best wishes, Harry

  2. greg says:

    hello i just got my new spitfire i put on dle55 side ex but i dont know what number for j tec muffler is at 1035 or 1040 please email me thank you

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