Heavy Bomber Action at Warbirds over Delaware

Jul 17, 2013 11 Comments by

This past weekend, MAN was at the annual giant scale warbird meet in Newark, DE. Though the weather was challenging, there were lots of amazing warbirds and military airplanes on hand. As usual, Mac Hodges was there with his amazing giant scale B-29 Superfortress Bomber. Check out this wild video of his flight! Special thanks to the WOD gang for providing this video.
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11 Responses to “Heavy Bomber Action at Warbirds over Delaware”

  1. Kim Jeppesen says:

    That is incredible nice flying! Especially the landing coming right out of a loop ….. and with a four engine plane….

  2. Richard says:

    A most un-scale like performance and really cool!!

  3. Roger says:

    I really don’t agree with this flight, this is scale airplane representing a bit of history, and he goes and does things like this, so stupid, you want to do aerobatics, get a Pitts or something

  4. Ivan says:

    Don`t like it ! Stupid flying.

  5. Hank Hankinson says:

    Mac does an outstanding job with this B-29 and deserves all the credit. He is a showman with his team and they work hard for our enjoyment. Thanks for an outstanding job. Hank

  6. Syd Clement AMA SYD says:

    I remember “45″ years ago I was flying a scale R/C plane inverted and
    someone was standing behind me shouting, I should not do that because
    And it is still happening—————-Syd

  7. Bruce Crowe says:

    What a FANTASTIC and truly enjoyable video!! The flying skills shown on here are a tribute to all involved in bringing such a masterpiece for us to watch.

  8. CT Mak says:

    It’s not fair to give nasty comments !
    It was a great flight !

  9. robert lavoie says:

    very nice flight

    thank you

  10. Bob S. says:

    Aw c’mon everyone! Scale like flying? I seem to remember a full scale airliner doing a roll during a demo flight! If you want to argue about realism, argue about beautiful RC’s with NO PILOT!

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