Take a ride in the electric eSpyder!

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Electric power isn’t just for RC models and drones anymore! The German government just announced its certification of eSpyder, an all-electric ultralight that carries a single pilot, and this makes eSpyder the first certified, all-electric man-carrying plane!  Developed and soon to be produced by Yuneec International, based in Kunshan, China, a U.S.-based company called GreenWing Intl. will market, sell and support the line. The eSpyder design is expected to enter production this year and will be available in the U.S. as homebuilt kit. GreenWing claims that the batteries that power the eSpyder can be fully charged in less than two hours, providing a one-hour flight with a 30-minute reserve. “It should be possible to use solar cells on the roof of a hangar to charge the battery between flights such that the plane can be flown daily without requiring energy from the power grid,” said GreenWing’s CEO Tian Yu.
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