Alien Aircraft Taylorcraft Build-Along Part-5

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We continue with our building and detailing workshop Build-Along for the Alien Aircraft 72 inch span Taylorcraft kit. The laser-cut kit is a great place to start if you want to move from your basic worn out ARF trainer and want to try scale on for size. The plane is a classic from the early 30s and 40s and it is just about perfect for an easy to fly scale project.

Contributor Mike Greenshields and his fellow club members have been constructing the model for a future MAN Flight Report and at the same time, showing how easy it is to turn this sport scale flyer into something you could enter competition with.

Check out the progress in this our 5th installment.

We moved the aileron servo internal. The horn and clevis come out just at the hinge line. Everything else is internal.


We’ve chosen a leaf-spring tail gear. The Dubro gear recommended works. The leaf-spring gear just looks better. This is the 40 size set from CB Associates.

Capture 4

Gear strut covers are installed now. We realized the installation method allows the gear to flex because the cover is only attached at the fuselage. This is somewhat unusual but should work OK.

Capture 6

The struts are retained with plastic fittings that are glued, then glassed onto the struts. Again, this is simple and works.

Capture 8

Capture 7

Our engine just barely sticks out of the cowl! This is great news. It will mean the final product will look very, very clean. We may have to open it up for cooling, but more on that later once we finish installation.

Capture 3

So, the door opens, the controls are internal, and now its covered with natural Solartex and ready for paint.

Capture 9



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    I have built a J3 CUB the same size as the TCRAFT. I have followed the build and have used some of the techniques mentioned. It would be nice to se a picture of the aileron hook up with the hinging on top. I have done this but am at a loss on how to hook up the aileron to the servo that I installed in the wing.

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