Hand-Painted Scale Details — When Pigs Fly!

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I am coming to the conclusion of my Giant Scale Fokker Triplane Build-Along and there are only a few things to left to take care of. I recently commissioned my daughter Rebecca to add the final touches on the paint job with the addition of the “Pig’s Butt” side badge, that Cole Palen’s Triplane is known for. As the whole model is spray painted and markings are masked off, it has an over all crisp look, much too new to looks like a well-worn performer in the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome airshow. So, as with the original 1960s era version of Cole’s triplane, I asked her to hand paint the Pig’s Butt marking on for me. She used craft acrylic paints and I think she did a great job capturing the feel and look of the original markings. Check it out.


The story goes, Cole told his wife he wanted to build and fly a Fokker Triplane and she replied, “when pigs fly!” Cole painted the now famous “Pig’s Butt” in the clouds markings on the side of his triplane as a tribute to his wife’s “support”.



Now all I have to do is reinstall the engine and throttle linkage, and secure the radio equipment and the triplane will be ready for test flights! Stay tuned!


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  1. gene shockey says:

    Great airplane. Very nicely done.

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