1 Day Before the Dawn Patrol! Final Assembly of the Triplane

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So it was a productive evening last night. I got lots of little items checked off of the “To Do” list. All that’s left for today before loading the Triplane into the trailer is to install a plywood plate in the cockpit and to wire up a kill switch for the engine. Of course I also have to fully assemble the model and check the CG balance point and double check the control throws and directions.


Fuel lines and filter installed. Also the smoke system is plumbed and ready to go.


An important detail is the cockpit combing around the opening. I used ZAP canopy glue for a good bond between the rubber and the painted panel.


Access glue is easily cleaned up with water and a paper towel.


9-channel Spektrum dsmx receiver is installed in the bottom of the cockpit. It will be hidden from view when the pilot seat is installed later on. One aux. receiver is show on the left side. Wire will be bundled up for a neat appearance


Second aux. receiver is back in the aft part of the fuselage.  Velcro used to secure it in place


Engine mount bolts re checked for tightness, the cowling and propeller in place to check clearances and the cowl screws all line up nice. I will add some lock-tite to the cowl screws before flight


No dummy engine, the smoke mufflers from Slimline are in the way. Better for engine cooling too. Lots of room for ballast weight left.


Final Assembly almost complete. notice the choke linkage at the top behind the cowling


Cabane strut bracing wires pulled out from under the paneling. Ready for top wing attachment. No machine gun yet!


So another hour or two and we will call the Triplane Build-Along Project complete! 500 hours of workshop time spread over 10 months.

Gerry Yarrish

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