Blue Thunder Returns!

Aug 20, 2013 6 Comments by

“He’s out there … flying the most lethal weapon ever made: the Blue Thunder Special.” Remember this early ’80s movie that starred Roy Scheider flying a highly modified Aerospatiale Gazelle? This RC 1/4-scale version is the handiwork of French builder Eric Meaux, who created it from a Heli Factory kit. The 24kg heli is powered by a Jet Cat SPT5H 7kW turbine and uses a 102-inch-diameter rotor blades. Thanks to Rcscaleairplanes for taking this video and sharing it on YouTube.

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6 Responses to “Blue Thunder Returns!”

  1. Laurie says:

    One scary chopper!

  2. Edward Damian says:

    This is a very beuitiful model.

  3. Joe B. says:

    Too bad he couldn’t get the “whisper mode” working.
    Great looking heli, though!


  4. Bob S. says:

    Fantastic piloting skills too!!

  5. Rebel Reaper says:

    Nice helicopter, Now which would win a all out fight, Blue Thunder or Airwolf?

  6. zaborski says:


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