Giant Warbird Gaggle at Horizon Air Meet

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By all accounts, the Horizon Air Meet in Germany earlier this month was an incredible show, and judging from what we’ve seen it’s definitely one to add to your bucket list! This video, taken and posted by RCScaleAirplanes, shows the 19-foot-span B-17 we featured a few months ago flying alongside six more gorgeous, giant-scale warbirds. Enjoy! (For background on the B-17, click here.)

B-17 – Peter Pfeffer – Austria
Corsair light blue – Wolfgang Rossegger – Austria
Corsair yellow – Thomas Schulz – Germany
Corsair grey – Marc Haus – France
P-47 – Gabriel Zach – Austria
AT-6 – Alois Leopold – Austria
Spitfire – Thomas Gass – Austria
P-40 (crashed at takeoff) – Josef Spielhofer – Austria

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8 Responses to “Giant Warbird Gaggle at Horizon Air Meet”

  1. h m habib says:

    It was very good h m habib

  2. DAY says:

    Looks like they could use some practice at landings….

  3. Robert L. Taylor says:

    A really impressive showing. The B-17 looks absolutely real. The T-6 sounded like a T-6, and the Spitfire had the same sounding backfires as the real ones do on taxiing! All planes looked great in the air. Where did Herr Schultz get that yellow racer F-4U scheme. Like to know more about that one. And what about the P-40? Total loss? Hope not, but it looked bad.

    • RcScaleAirplanes says:

      Thank you Robert, for your kind comment !!!
      Unfortunately, I do not personally know Mr.Schultz (owner of the yellow F-4U), but I’ll try to contact him, to answer your question. btw. his Corsair is powered by a 7 cylinder radial engine from Seidel.
      The P40 crash was caused by the lack of engine power and over correction at the sticks … heavy damaged, but repairable. (watch the following video at 14:50 and you will see the crash from a better perspective: )
      Best regards, RCSA

  4. John E.Gompf says:

    This article and video was exciting to read and watch!!
    Seeing that many large scale flying at same time encourages me to keep
    Practicing, so one day I can join my club mates in same!

  5. Brian says:

    Great Looking Scale Aircraft, but most of the pilots need more landing practice and scale flying style.

  6. willard radimer says:

    best stuff i ever seen like hd tv!!!

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