Sneak Peek: Diamond Hobby Corsair

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We were lucky enough to get this great-looking scale warbird for review from Diamond Hobby. Here is a little sneak peek of the review by Jason Benson that will appear in Model Airplane News.

Diamond Hobby is the North American importer and distributor of FMS Model RC Aircraft. They import a very wide range of ready-to-fly, EPO foam models. Their models range from scale to sport, and from EDF jets to gliders. They seem to have something for everyone. In this review, we will be taking a look at their new warbird offering, the 1700-millimeter (66.9-inch) F4U-Blue Corsair. This very detailed, scale model is constructed entirely of EPO foam. It comes pre-painted with molded panel lines and scale details. From air inlets to cooling louvers, it’s all there, molded into the foam.

Diamond Hobby Corsair Diamond Hobby Corsair

The first thing I noticed when unboxing this model was its completeness. The part that stuck out the most was the hinging. All surfaces have molded hinge lines. This seems to be very strong and keeps all control surfaces aligned with their stationary counterpart.

Diamond Hobby Corsair Diamond Hobby Corsair

This plane performs exceptionally well for any class of warbird. I was very relaxed and comfortable flying this model. If you are looking for a first warbird, I would highly recommend contacting Diamond Hobby.


Model: F4U-Blue PNP Corsair

Manufacturer: FMS Model

Distributor: Diamond Hobby (

Type: WW II

Length: 52.2 in.

Wingspan: 66.9 in.

Wing area: 836.25 sq. in.

Weight: 12 lb.

Wing loading: 33.1 oz. /sq. ft.

Motor req’d: Included brushless outrunner

Radio req’d: 6-channel minimum

Price: $459.99



Diamond Hobby, John Reid

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West Coast senior editor About me: I’ve been involved with RC aircraft since high school and have flown just about everything. I started my RC career with scratch-building, but now like many pilots I rely on ARFs to get me in the air. My main focus is on pylon racing, aerobats, combat and scale warbirds.

9 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Diamond Hobby Corsair”

  1. DAY says:

    Nice looking plane. Any updates on how the retracts and gear door sequencers are holding up? Nice video.

  2. Bob Barth says:

    Nicely done and seems to have everything you need in a scale aircraft. One thing that I can’t wrap my head around is the price for a foam aircraft.

  3. Robert Wilkerson says:

    I will stay with the balsa models for that price I can get a larger model with the same functions.

  4. Wallace Tharp says:

    Very nice, I wonder how difficult it will be to replace the 4 blade prop and other parts that can be damaged. Looks really scale! If yu want tosee the real-deal for scale comarison, download some old Ba-Ba Black Sheep videos that were mostly filmed at Indian dunes, near ventura, CA. Nothing lik an F4U and nothing like Pappy Boington. wallace.tharp

  5. Robert Liao says:

    This plane has been out in the market a while and has been extensively reviewed. Just search FMS 1700mm Corsair. A friend has one, 50+ flights, retracts (with oleo struts) and 3 section flaps (with slow servos) work flawlessly and make landings easy. Very stable even with strong cross wind. The only improvement needed is to reenforce the bond between plastc firewall and foam holding it with gorilla glue.

  6. John E. Gompf says:

    Saw this company at the Long Beach RC Expo, this plane is an amazing example of the detail they are accomplishing!

  7. Marvin says:

    I can’t believe how much FMS has been increasing their prices over the past few years. I’ve steered clear of them since Banana Hobby picked them up as their prices started skyrocketing after that. I’ll echo what Robert said, a better quality, less expensive version can be sought elsewhere.

  8. odell says:

    i cant believe the weight of a foam plane m building one now all wood a little bigger and should come in at 12 #s still awesome vids.

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