Enormous Electric: Half-Scale Cub

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This giant Clip-Wing Cub is the handiwork of Geoff Dryer, and it’s a beauty! The 15-foot-span plane is powered by a Hacker A100-10 motor and Hacker 170 speed control using 12S-2P 6S 6000mAh LiPos for power. That’s 7500 watts! All up, the Cub weighs 65 pounds. Thanks to Epic RC for capturing the video and to RC Planes for posting on YouTube.

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14 Responses to “Enormous Electric: Half-Scale Cub”

  1. ralph steeves says:

    Whata great site.. Enjoyed very much

  2. Andy Turner says:

    Looks Brilliant I have a Piper Cub 3/4 built, but had three massive heart attacks last year so it came to a stop. But seeing that has got me itching to go again I never thought of electric but that’s just changed my mind

  3. Chuck J. says:


    Do you have plans for the plane?

    Looks and Fly’s GREAT!!

  4. David Robinson says:

    That is a VERRRYYYYY nice bird. I am not much of a scale enthusiast, but this has got to be the one of the nicest GIANT Cubs I have ever seen fly, and I go to BIG BIRD shows as much as possible.
    IT was smooth, does a nice roll and inverted flight. Of course a good pilot helps, but the plane does a nice job at the control commands.
    David Robinson

  5. DAY says:

    NICE PLANE. I fly all electrics, Giant scale top flite corsair with Rimfire 65, 92 inch ASM A-26 with twin G-60 electrics, 60 size Hangar 9 corsair and spitfire with Grayson hobby 90 motors, and too many more to list. I do still have a Saito 72 in a Hangar 9 cub that came with the plane, ready to fly that I picked up at a swap meet,,, Still flying without the cowl, as I will be switching to electric soon, and don’t want to cut it up for the nitro motor,,, Have to do it soon, as the nitro is messing up the covering. Another reason why I like electric….

    • DAY says:

      And I almost forgot my 100 inch RC Guys Cherokee flying with a 50cc to 80cc equivalent Hobby King motor and Hobby King 160 ESC. Using 5800 mah 12s lipo power.

  6. josh says:

    Awesome. Kind of a shame its electric though, but to each his own. Nice flight, beautiful cub. Good job

  7. Bob Furr says:

    All I can say is wow!

  8. Douglas Dixon says:

    Very well done! That’s a beautiful Cub and I tip my hat to you sir! I’m a ‘gas’ man myself, but its nice to see that you’ve shown just how far electrics have come along. Again…Outstanding work!

  9. Owen says:

    That’s what I call relaxation! If that plane had a noisy gas engine or even a four stroke nitro it wouldn’t have been near as relaxing for the pilot or spectators. Really nice. The plane needs a pilot though. Doesn’t look right with an empty cockpit. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti IC. I’ve got plenty of noisy planes to tear up the sky with.)

  10. Owen says:

    Whoever took the video did a great job too.

  11. Jim says:

    I’m currently covering a Balsa USA 1/3 Super Cub that’s set up for a G62.
    After seeing this clip on the half scale one, I think I will change it to electric, so much cleaner and simple. I’m planning on using A123 for power.

  12. marcelo medeiros says:

    …very nice plane; love that model, sweet&smooth fly, also electric!!!!; very nice, have one with a zenoah 23 gas engine, beautifull video, congrats to the pilot,,,nice landings to all…

  13. Ron D. says:

    I really liked the video, but was curious about the overall flight performance. I built my 1/4 scale cub about 4 years ago. I was not going for stunts more the scale flight characteristics, loved my flight times. total non-stop was in the 2 hour range, just wondered what kind of duration they got. Thanks, good looking bird.

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