The Nozarossi REX 57 Heli Engine

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Novarossi engines were developed in Italy in the early 60’s and are the leaders in almost all speed categories for airplanes, boats and cars. Although designed for max performance, their 3-needle carburetors provide an excellent idle and transition to a mid-range for hovering and normal flight. Shown here is their 57 Novarossi REX Helicopter Engine with Front and Rear Ceramic Bearings. These bearings improve performance by reducing friction and allowing the engine to produce more horsepower, torque and RPM. This engine is also available with standard metal bearings and both have a hard chrome cylinder for exceptional performance and durability. A similar 91 size helicopter engine is also available. Their muffled tuned pipe also performs as good as it looks, increasing performance over a wide rpm range. Planethobby has over 15 years of technical experience with these engines, and they fly what they service. For more information contact them at

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