Fearless 7-year-old flier

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This video of a second-grader flying a 120cc aerobat will blow your mind! Here’s the scoop from TripleThreatRC’s Bob Thomson, who took the video and posted it on YouTube.

So, you’re seven years old and just going into Grade 2. “What did you do yesterday Oliver?” asks one of his little buddies.  Oliver replies, “I flew a 120cc Slick 540 at the Wenatchee Huckfest.”
Oliver is a “seasoned” pilot who already has three years of flying under his belt. Azhar gladly handed over the radio to a 120cc Slick 540 demo plane to let Oliver take it for a spin. I am gobsmacked. Well done Oliver!  Something tells me that if girls don’t get in the way (in another ten years or so) he might have embraced this hobby at just the right age! Maybe next year Oliver’s feet will touch the ground when he sits in that chair for another flight! And oh yes, Oliver said that next year he’d like to use high rates!!

The Pilot: Oliver
The Dad: Pat
The Plane: Aztech Aeromodels 120cc Slick 540
The Tx: Azhar’s Futaba 18MZ
The Nice Guy: Azhar


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14 Responses to “Fearless 7-year-old flier”

  1. Patrick Willis says:

    So proud of my little guy!!

  2. Jessica says:

    That’s my handsome and talented nephew Oliver :)

  3. John says:

    Way to go Oliver! I took the same path(well before 2.4ghz though)! Keep up the good work! Lets see some landings! :)

  4. Roger says:

    He is definitely on the right track

  5. Roger says:

    I forgot to mention, by having the transmitter on his lap, he would be a natural for a tray type transmitter

  6. Kohersh says:

    ” Remember, its not yours…so have fun!” Way to go Dad and Oliver….your a beast!!

  7. Thrasher Mike says:

    Is that an RCTHRASHER.COM hat I see him wearing? :-) He definitely represents us well! Go Oliver!

  8. Douglas Dixon says:

    I tip my hat to the father of this fortunate boy. It’s so wonderful to see this kind of interaction between the two of them. I only wish that the rest of this country could see what’s going on here, and that I had a father that would have supported my hobbies and dreams as a child. A hearty ‘Well Done’! (Beautiful aircraft as well!)

  9. Terry White says:

    Holy Crap Batman! What a flyer. Nice job Oliver, I am very envious. Keep up the awsome work.

  10. Brett Diedrich says:

    Wow that’s amazing

  11. John Land says:

    That is GREAT flying by anyone, but a 7 year old flying that nice is KILLER and a great complement to both his abilities and his dad’s dedication to his son and the sport. A big ATTA BOY to both of you!!

  12. cpalleschi says:

    I can’t believe it! This “little” guy handles this airplane better than some “big” guys would do. It seems to me as if he will become famous for his ability to control R/C models in the future. I wish him good luck.

  13. isaac says:

    that is so awesome oliver i wish i could fly that good!!!

  14. Speed Fresh says:

    That’s the 18mz and I still have it

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