New 1/3-scale British WW1 Vintage Wheels from Williams Brothers

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Known for decades as the Go-To place for quality scale airplane accessories, Williams Brothers Model Products has come out with a great set of British WW1 style Vintage Wheels for giant scale lovers.


These 1/3 Scale reproductions are based on the 700 x 100 mm wheels  and have a diameter of 9.2 inches. The Axle Hole length is 2.3 inches wide and the wheels include removable Olite oil impregnated, Bronze Bushings. The wheels comes stock with 3/8-inch ID bushings, while 1/2-inch ID bushing sets are also available separately for $2.50 a pair (1 pair required per wheel.)

The wheels are made of molded ABS  with Molded rubber tires, stuffed with an extruded foam rod for stiffness (and won’t dry rot).Weight is 18 ounces per wheel. The wheel has details for a Palmer factory stock design, fabric covered spoke look, with air valve access hole that comes with a solid bottom which can to be painted, or they can be cut out and detailed by the user), to show an exposed rim that originally utilized 25 small hooks to attach the fabric cover.


(Above) Brian Perkins from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, outfitted his amazing 35% scale Bristol Scout Model-D with the new Williams Brothers Wheels!

Designed to support a model of 30 to 45 lbs., Static testing on one wheel indicates it goes approximately half flat with roughly 50 lbs. applied to it. Water-Slide Decals are also included for scale wheel cover markings. Priced at $99.95 a pair, the new 1/3-scale Williams Brothers British WW1 Style Vintage Wheels are perfect for your next truly scale giant scale RC aeroplane.

Watch for a Product Watch Review coming in MAN.

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