Magnificent Waco YMF-5 Biplane — Video Interview

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Mitch Epstien has been building and flying giant scale planes for many years and he has been a successful scale competitor competing at Top Gun for several years. One of Mitch’s favorite airplanes is his 1/3-scale Waco YMF-5 biplane built from the AMR laser-cut kit.


Featured on the cover of Model Airplane News (December 2010), Mitch’s amazing Waco has an incredible amount of details.

Special thanks go out to the members of the Central CT RC Club in Farmington, CT for the exclusive use of their beautiful flying field for the production of this video.


Powered by a giant Moki 5-cylinder radial engine, Mitch’s behemoth has amazing power.

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3 Responses to “Magnificent Waco YMF-5 Biplane — Video Interview”

  1. Les Jones II says:

    54.5 pounds of AWSOME!

  2. Tim Mattsson says:

    Beautiful aircraft,

  3. Justin LaReau says:

    Beautiful model! This is my favorite prop engine aircraft. I have an exceptional fascination with bi-planes and this is the Cadillac of them in my opinion. I’m in the process of building a much smaller kit of this same plane. The Waco-ymf5 35″ kit by dumas. Which is an electric park flyer design for slow easy flight. I’m slightly new to model aircraft but absolutely love it. This will be my 3 build. The first I learned a lot of the do’s and don’ts so my mistakes on that one paid off because the second build was great and the third should be even better. My grandfather was a pilot who owned several airplanes and he even built his own midget-mustang. So my new found love of modeling aircraft keeps flying alive within the family. He passed away over 20 years ago and I was 6 when he passed so my memory is ever so faint. But I do remember a lot of the fly ins my father and grandfather would take me to as a young boy. Anyways love the model! It helps inspire me and gives me ideas for details for my own so thank you for sharing.

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