Sneak Peek — Proto X nano-Quad Copter from Estes

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Wow! Talk about small! This new fully functional micro-size quad-copter is amazingly small! Out of the box, it can be ready for flight in as much time as it takes to charge the on-board battery with the included USB charger. And it also includes the smallest 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter we’ve ever seen! For more information go to or

 Proto X nano-Quad Copter from Estes

How does it fly? Stay tuned for our video coming soon!

 Proto X nano-Quad Copter from Estes

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One Response to “Sneak Peek — Proto X nano-Quad Copter from Estes”

  1. Bob in CA says:

    I bought one this weekend. Works pretty well – a lot easy to fly than the similar priced helicopter I bought. Really like the USB charger. Hope I get good before I break it !!

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