First Look! Alias Quadcopter from Traxxas — Stability and Performance!!!

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When Traxxas first entered the RC air market, they made a big splash with their amazing micro QR-1 quad copter. At the time it was the smallest and by far the coolest micro out there. Well, not a company known to to drag their feet, Traxxas has just released their newest variation on the theme, in the form of their LaTrax Alias.


This new larger and cooler “Light up the skies” Multi Rotor RC vehicle is all about ruggedness and easy of use. It comes with everything you need and the first time we fired it up, we knew Traxxas has another winner on their hands. There are several optional colored canopies and rotor blades to choose from as well as intergrated light up outrigger inserts to wow the evening skies. Easily flown day or evening, the Alias has a safety feature in the transmitter that disarms the motors after 5 seconds of no throttle movement. Very cool. And when it comes to stability and aerobatic performance, look out! It has all the right moves! Watch for it in a future issue coming soon!



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