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  1. Technology is like magic

    1. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

      Arthur C. Clarke

  2. This is a wonderful use of technology, but realistically for many disabled people they are not in a financial position to spend this kind of money. For many it is all they can do to feed themselves and keep a roof over their head. I don’t see medical insurance paying for this but I can see that in the future that charitable foundations may be formed to help defray the cost and even provide free technology to a small extent. My only worry about people flying these multirotor platforms (this covers disabled and non disabled people) is that they have adequate insurance to cover any type of accident. My experience with insurance companies tells me they will try to weasel out of a claim involving model aviation. Again this is very promising to help disabled people to take more of a role in doing things for their selves and take some of the work off the care providers. IMO, this is a legitimate use of drones, and not some nosey person using it to peep on unsuspecting people.

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