Question of the Week — “What power systems do you use?

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Model Airplane News wants to know what you like, what you do and how you enjoy the great hobby of radio control model airplane building and flying. The editors are always having discussions on what the most popular power systems are be they Electric, Glow (nitro) power or Gas engines. Let us know what your models are powered with and what you most prefer. Leave a comment and tell us also, how many airplanes you have in your collection. Be sure to come back soon as we’ll start asking more questions so we can get to know you, our readers better.

Have fun and go fly something!


Clean and Green Electric?

OS .61 FX  3

Old School Glow Engine?

small gas engine

High Octane Gasoline Power?

Which do you prefer?

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6 Responses to “Question of the Week — “What power systems do you use?”

  1. juan velasquez says:

    IAM FLYING ALL:nitro,gasoline and electric,and is very hard to tell the last word.Each one have advantages. I love alls

  2. Keith Plumley says:

    I have 13 airplanes ready to fly at any time powered by glow engines from .46 to 1.60. I’ve been a glow fan since my begining in R/C in 1991. I may dabble in electric and gas from time to time but I will always have glow engines.

  3. Blake says:

    All my aircraft are electric powered even 2 meter planes. I prefer to be high voltage – low amps.
    Castle are the best esc’s even though they cost more, chinese motors are good but e-flite are
    the best. I use a nicad packs for my reciever.

  4. DAY says:

    I fly all electric, from the Parkzone radian power glider, to a giant Top Flight Corsair powered with a 65cc equivalent Rimfire motor. I also have a 100 inch RC guys Cherokee with a 80cc equivalent motor, and an A-26 invader with twin 60 electrics, a 92 in wingspan, 60 size corsair, 60 size hangar nine spitfire, and too many more to list, all electric. I still have one hangar nine 80in cub that came with a nasty saito 72 glow on it, and will fly it till I run out of nitro. Then put a clean electric in it, before the nitro causes all the covering to come off. And, I am always able to taxi back to the pits, as I never have an engine out!!

  5. Terry Lane says:

    I use and enjoy all three power systems and occasionally rubber,. I have 12 planes in my hangar and one on the bench under construction (a vintage top Flite Contender kit). I like the oldies but goodies.

  6. D. Josefski says:

    I prefer the right combination for each individual aircraft regardless if Glow, Electric or Gas power. One of the reasons I see around my local area for people heading one pathway is the lack of knowledge/understanding of each discipline. Whether it be the maintenance/tuning of glow engine, the correct combination for a electric setup or the setup required for gas. As to me the sound of each aircraft is as important to me as it’s looks. Like the sound of a screaming glow 2 stroke beating up the strip, the sound of a tiger moth powered by glow 4 stroke, the growl of petrol warbird on strafing run, the sound electric in a 3D and new the EDF’s turbine whistle. All make this hobby so enjoyable. So my advice is to share the knowledge thus share the fun.

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