Colossal Cub! 26-foot-span RC aircraft

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Hold on to your hats: this truly giant-scale RC Cub will blow your mind! Weighing in at 345 pounds without fuel, this model has a gross weight of 560 pounds and is more than 16 feet long. Built by Eddie Hewett, it belongs to and is flown by Vince Blasky of Walled Lake, Michigan, and in the video it’s flying at the Monroe Custer airport. An ultralight 25hp engine turns the 36×14 prop, and a 6-volt car battery provides juice to the radio and power system. Finished with Sig Coverall and automotive paint, this Cub is truly a giant, and Vince notes, “It is stored in a hangar and flies only one time a year.” Wow! You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Debra Cleghorn

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2 Responses to “Colossal Cub! 26-foot-span RC aircraft”

  1. RJ Fryer - Texas says:

    Love it . . RJ

  2. Jim strong says:

    Have a quarter-scale Bud Nosen Cub, and love it.
    Wow this makes it look like a midget.

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