AirMule: Flying Tank of the Future?

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We’ve never seen an air vehicle that looks like this! Reminiscent of something from the Batman movies, AirMule is the creation of Israel’s Tactical Robotics Inc., and it can fly by remote control or using autonomous control. Internal rotor blades allow this unusual aircraft to land in small and uneven areas, so it can evacuate wounded soldiers while under anti-aircraft fire! This prototype weighs 1700 pounds and can carry an additional 1400 pounds, at a potential top speed of 112mph and up to 1200 foot altitude. Being quieter than a traditional helicopter gives it an edge in the stealth department. We just want to know when someone is going to develop a (much!) smaller RC version!

Check out a video of the first test flights:

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4 Responses to “AirMule: Flying Tank of the Future?”

  1. Robert Abramson says:

    This is an amazing aircraft. I wonder why the Wright brothers didn’t make one of these. This is perfect for RC pilots who can’t land regular aircraft.

  2. Joey Duncan says:

    Not even close to a tank, it’s a cargo vehicle, or tactical/logistics vehicle. No mention of armor or artillery.

  3. sergio loureiro says:

    It is only a scale model of a flying toy!!!

  4. Alan_In_Pgh says:

    Stumbled on this link, which seems to show an RC version

    Don’t know more than what is in the video – Caveat Emptor

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