Giant F-14 Swing-Wing’s First Flight

Mar 04, 2014 9 Comments by

From our friend across the pond Tbobborap1, this video of the maiden flight of Mick Burrell’s 1/7.5-scale Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a must-see. Tbob notes that there are only two of these models in the UK and that this one is the first to fly, adding, “It was a beautiful sunny day with a reasonable right-hand crosswind but Mike did a brilliant job with her on this first flight.” We agree! Built from the Skymaster kit, this 100-inch-span model is powered by two 160 turbines (each producing 37 pounds of thrust!) and it weighs in at 54 pounds. A Futaba 18MAZ radio controls the jet’s 14 servo via a Robbe SBus power distribution system. What a plane!

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9 Responses to “Giant F-14 Swing-Wing’s First Flight”

  1. Dave Greensmith says:


  2. Charlie Hynes says:

    Can I get one to review?

  3. Jimmie Harris says:

    Well done…a beautiful plane

  4. Bob Jones says:

    Fantastic model and great flight. Too bad he made it a drone. All that money and time but no pilots in the cockpit.

  5. Terry Bolin says:

    They sure have all the runway they want ,,, nice place

  6. Ray Stokes says:

    Incredible model! I wonder if flying it would ever be “fun”, knowing that an expensive disaster is only a “twitch” away. Even the first take-off was a bit gut wrenching to watch. But all that said, I’m glad that we have modelers willing to do this stuff….

  7. john dienn says:

    looks absolutly fab mick once again well done

  8. Eugene says:

    Very impressed.
    love the look of the Tomcat in flight
    Well done
    Hope you share more with all of us.
    How is the feeling of that plane???

    All the best
    I have my Giant Albatross L-39 to maiden this summer here in Quebec Canada.

  9. dcwwcp says:

    A fantastic looking plane and not bad at all for a first flight! I’m sure with time that it will fall in line and you’ll have it being as enjoyable to fly as it is to look at. I enjoy a scale plane even if it is a little difficult to handle. It is exciting to build, exciting to fly and there is always something l learn from every build. I tend to fly planes without pilots at first and if they make it back to the ground they get a pilot!
    I must say though, my favorite part of the video is the shots of the aerodrome that shows the long history of the place. Well done sir.

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