Florida Jets — In the Winner’s Circle and a Sneak Peek from the Flightline

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MAN Team Rich Uravitch and David Hart have been covering some of the most popularRC events there are and recently, they were on the flightline of Florida Jets. Held on Paradise Field in Lakeland Florida, this all Jet event is full of Turbine powered action and excitement. Here’s some of their photos of these amazingly realistic RC skyrockets!

Florida Jets -- In the Winner's Circle and a Sneak Peek from the Flightline

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Here’s the winner’s chart

Award                                               Sponsor                            AIRCRAFT                         WINNER     

Best Military Jet    Runner-up         SPEKTRUM                         F9F COUGAR      PETER GOLDSMITH

Best Military Jet                                 HORIZON HOBBY              F-100                    ALI MACHINCHY

Best Sport Jet      Runner-up           FLY RC MAGAZINE             SHOCKWAVE   PABLO FERNANDEZ

Best Sport Jet                                  BEST IN THE WEST JETS     J-10                     THOMAS SINGER

Best Civilian Jet                                ZAP GLUE                                SAILPLANE       CHUCK STORRIE

Best Electric Jet                                DURALITE BATTERIES        MIG 15                BOB VIOLETT

Best Sport Jet Performance           JR AMERICAS                        EUROFIGHTER  RAY LABONTE

Best Scale Jet Performance           ELITE AEROSPORTS               F-4                       STEVE STRICKER

Best Electric Jet Performance       KING TECH TURBINES          MIG 15                R.J. GONZALEZ

Best Multi Jet Performance          GOLD FINGER ENT.               F-18                       TOM WOOD

Best Craftsmanship                          BVM                                             MAGISTER       JACK DIAZ

Engineering Excellence                   JET CENTRAL                        F-4 PHANTOM   STEVE STRICKER

Most Outstanding Jet Flight           MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS        F-4                   STEVE STRICKER


Special Recognition                           ZAP GLUE                               VAMPIRE          REI CONZALEZ

Special Recognition                           EZ BALANCER                      T2J BUCKEYE   MALCOLM KAY

Special Recognition                           SPEKTRUM RADIO             F-5                         LUKEY MARTINEZ

Special Recognition                           FLYING MODELS                 F-16                       BARRY HOU

Special Recognition                           GLOBAL JET CLUB                           F-100       GREG WRIGHT

Critics Choice Runner-up             FRANK TIANO ENTERPRISES       F-100          ALI MACHINCHY

Critics Choice                          ZAP GLUE & MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS     F-4        STEVE STRICKER

Gallery > Daves Jets




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