Crazy Slope Aerobatics

Mar 25, 2014 4 Comments by

Slope aerobatics are in a category all their own, and the tricks this plane can do will blow your mind! It features a JGAF’s Custom Aerobats Buzz Evo using nothing but gravity and the wind to perform some incredible stunts. Even the music is perfect for this seaside romp! Thanks to Surfimp for taking this great video and posting it on Vimeo for us all to enjoy!


Debra Cleghorn, Video Picks

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4 Responses to “Crazy Slope Aerobatics”

  1. JG says:

    Fantastic flying!

  2. Enrique says:

    What a great flight,,, what kind a plane is_??? let me know at

  3. dan says:


  4. Gary Dietz says:

    Interested in purchasing this kit or any other offered; specs & cost plus shipping.

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