Road to Top Gun — Pedro Sanchez’ Razorback Thunderbolt

Apr 15, 2014 39 Comments by

This year Pedro with be competing in Pro Am Sport with his impressive P-47 Thunderbolt “SNAFU”. Built from a CARF Models the P-47 is beautifully detailed and is powered by a Moki 250cc radial engine turning a  carbon fiber 4-blade prop and a solo hub. Pedro uses Sierra landing gear and wheels, and Hitec 7955 servos and Fromeco battery packs. Pedro has added functional cowl flaps and a pneumatic canopy. The finish is from Tamiya Spray Cans.

Photos by Jerry Smith


Pedro comments: “ I love aviation and enjoy building and flying my warbirds models. This year is my fourth year at Top Gun, the first year I ended up on 5th place, the following  two years I  made it to 2nd place, Last time I crashed so I’m hoping to do better this year. I just finished this airplane and I’m hoping to do better this year. I am flying it often so to learn it and get use to it more in the two remaining weeks before Top Gun. I’ll do my best.”







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39 Responses to “Road to Top Gun — Pedro Sanchez’ Razorback Thunderbolt”

  1. Craig Haslebacher says:

    Very Nice Pedro, Good luck at Top Gun. Craig from St George Utah

  2. Paul says:

    It looks great just wish that I could do that good

  3. Cliff says:

    Well done Pedro,
    you always have the best planes!
    Go ahead and say it, you really won the past two years!

  4. chardesa says:

    Just beautiful.

  5. jerry carter says:

    Send us a vidio

  6. jerry carter says:

    Beautiful, but he needs to rough up the leading edge of the prop blads and scratches onthe spinner hub.

  7. Glenn fromm says:

    I wish you the best of luck at Top Gun

  8. george capel says:

    Beautiful lots of luck at top gun, When I was younger they used to do target practice on fire island one day while claming ,one hit the target with his tail he continued in a loop and bailed out ot the top. His chute opened and he broke his leg, They P47 went nose down in the water. All the cylinder heads were mising when they too it away, Thought you might be interested in this event.

  9. Buzz says:

    Beautiful, Jug.

  10. Ken Ronig says:

    I hope you do well, Pedro. I’m over in Bartow County RC and we all keep up with new planes. Good luck at Top Gun.

  11. jerry carter says:

    Beautiful job. However, my experience in Navy acft evaluations over the last 51 years, most prop acft leading edge of the props are also weathered. Just a suggestion.

  12. Ray Stokes says:

    Beautiful model, Pedro. Best of luck in the competition! Can’t wait to see videos…

  13. Carlos Schneider says:

    Hola Pedro, esta muy prolijo tu modelo,espero te vaya mejor este año
    Tengo un P-47 de 1400mm de FMS, esta bonito,pero faltan detalles
    Saludos desde Neuquen Patagonia Argentina

  14. Garrie E. Taylor says:

    Nice job Pedro, beautiful airplane, P-47`s are great flying Warbirds !

  15. garey says:


  16. Victor J. Minetola says:

    Totally real that you went with the 4 – blade prop. Fantastic ‘Jug.’

  17. John Mynster says:

    No video to share? Great looking P47!

  18. Kenn says:

    Good Luck, Pilot.
    Please don’t crash this one… It’s BEAUTIFUL!
    You are definitely a Top Gun Builder.

  19. Flyoz says:

    Sweet Good luck Pedro

  20. Jack Gaydos, New Cumberland Wv 26047 says:


  21. Kyle Kratz says:

    Excellent!! Good luck at TG!!

  22. isaac nemes says:

    vert nice plane pedro shanchez!!!!!

  23. pedro sanchez says:

    Thank you to every one for the good wishes we ll see what happen at top gun

  24. Jamie says:

    Beautiful! I look forward to seeing it in Lakeland, I will be there!


  25. Claudio Augusto Peixoto says:

    Tens um kit desse para vender!Como faço com que faria o contato para fazer o pedido de compra,
    sou da UAI União dosa Aéromodelistas de Itajubá MG Brasil.Obrigado

  26. Garrett Winter says:

    Pedro, does that landing light retract into the wheel well?

  27. Bill Bruns says:

    It would be even nicer to see a You Tube of this plane.

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