Can You Name That Plane?

Apr 16, 2014 38 Comments by

Powered by a Moki 250cc 5-cylinder radial gas engine with a 32×12 Biela 3-blade prop, this 1/4-scale model weighs in at 74 pounds and has a 115-inch wingspan. Can you identify this plane before you watch the video? Thanks to our friend across the pond, Tbobborap1 for taking and this video of this gorgeous warbird at an RC fly-in at the RAF Barkston Heath airfield and posting it on YouTube.

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38 Responses to “Can You Name That Plane?”

  1. Peterson Soares says:


  2. Murray Helmer says:

    Its a Hawker Sea Fury

  3. Errol McGregor says:

    Hawker Sea Fury

  4. Richard Kehrer says:

    hawker sea fury

  5. JIM says:


  6. Don Dixon says:

    Hawker Sea Fury

  7. Ted Avey says:

    Westland Wyverne

  8. chris melhus says:

    hawker tempest mk v

  9. chris melhus says:

    correction it is NOT a tempest it IS a SEA FURY

  10. Doug Palmer says:

    Hawker Sea Fury FB 11

  11. Gary says:

    Definitely the Sea Fury

  12. Jordan says:

    Hawker seafury

  13. JD 'Ace' Gann says:

    Sea Fury

  14. Clifton Dale Zirkle II says:

    Hawker Seafury

  15. Neil Harwood says:

    Hawker Sea Fury.

  16. jeb says:

    Hawker Sea Fury

  17. Dick Cole, Major, USAF, (Ret.) says:

    Hawkers Sea Fury FB.11. It would be nice to see it with a five blade prop like the real machine!

  18. Bob Lundeen says:

    yup, Hawker Sea Fury

  19. Wilfredo says:

    What retracts are you using? Electrics?

  20. dan budde says:

    appears to me that we are viewing a hawker sea fury, 3 bladed prop
    and a seafury that was based on an aircraft carrier…arrestor hook on back

  21. Rene Ernest Finger says:

    Hawker Seafury

  22. Tien Macdonald says:

    Hawker Sea Fury

  23. Javier Marquez says:

    It’s a Hawker Sea Fury!

  24. SFT2 says:

    I knew from the pic in the email it’s a Sea Fury, but the title on the video kinda removes all doubt. One of these days I’ll get around to flying the two Sea Furys I have sitting around.

  25. Steve Edwards says:

    Hawker Sea Fury, Korean war era carrier based aircraft used by the British Royal Navy
    Nice plane!

  26. isaac nemes says:

    sea furry

  27. Mike Rieker says:

    Sea Fury

  28. Harold Smith says:

    Hawker Sea Fury

  29. Jason says:

    Sea Fury possibly Jerry Bates plans

  30. Pat devine says:

    Hawker Sea Fury

  31. Wojethebest says:

    I recognised it before i even opened this page sea fury was what i first though when i looked at it in the pic on the email i hope its wright cause i haven’t looked at the vid to see if its correct

  32. steve westphal says:

    hawker sea fury

  33. Dan Hansen says:

    Hawker Sea Fury

  34. Jim says:

    It’s a WW II Hawker Sea Fury

  35. Jay Burkart says:

    It’s quite a nice looking SeaFury but it is NOT Scale………
    the motor is turning in the WRONG direction….Sea Fury engines turned
    in a Clockwise direction!

  36. Graham says:


  37. Allen Sprague says:

    Hawker Sea Fury. What is the name of the Engine in a stock Sea Fury?

  38. Stan Stanley says:

    Its a Hawker Sea Fury

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