Pop Your Top with this great move

Jun 05, 2014 2 Comments by

We are very fortunate to have Jason Benson explain this rather cool move, the  Pop Top. This maneuver just requires some stick timing and the willingness of the pilot to repeat it until it becomes second nature. Jason offers up some tips that make learning this move a little easier.  This is a great turnaround move that gets the plane heading the other direction and has a great wow factor for the crowd.   Watch the video and learn, grasshopper.


See the upcoming September issue of Electric Flight. John Glezellis explains the entire maneuver in his Aerobatics Made Easy column.



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2 Responses to “Pop Your Top with this great move”

  1. Drew Stevenson says:

    Would this move work with an upright start? If so what would it be called and would the stick movements change from stick crossing two ethics else?

  2. Jason Benson says:

    Hey there, Drew. This maneuver works great from upright. As a matter of fact I prefer the upright entry. It is still called a Pop Top and the stick inputs are identical.

    Thanks for your reply,

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