Video Flight Test — Top Flite Gold Edition Giant Spitfire

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One of our more popular Flight Tests from MAN has been for the impressive 55cc Gold Edition Giant scale Spitfire from Top Flite. Long time contributor and test pilot Rick Bell puts the “Spit” through its paces and offers his comments in this “from the flying field” video interview. Check it out!
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Lights, Camera, Action!


Best Pilot’s RAF Pilot Figure! Best of the Best, for this Battle of Britain Warbird!


DLE 55cc Engine. Smooth Power!


Published in the October 2013 issue of MAN.

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5 Responses to “Video Flight Test — Top Flite Gold Edition Giant Spitfire”

  1. Lyle Vasser/ Best Pilots says:

    You guys were great to work with! Thanks for letting me in on the fun with Best Pilots Sailor Malan!

  2. John Mynster says:

    Nice informative video

  3. Will Kuenzel says:

    Great job Rick , Beautiful !

  4. kim windsor says:

    this I would get for myself

  5. carl says:

    so you have no video

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