Wing Repair for Built up Airplanes — Video from the Workbench.

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Recently, we had a MAN reader write in asking for help with repairing his wing which he damaged by running into the safety fence at his club’s flying field. The damage was not too severe but bad enough that he could not easily patch it up. Several years ago I wrote a How To article explaining basic repair techniques and I also shot a quick series of home videos to show how it’s done. Quality of my video (which is playing on my own “Gerry Yarrish” YouTube channel,) is best described as “Homemade,” but it does get the basic points across.

See the entire How To Article at:

This technique can be used for any built-up balsa model and really, once you get under the covering, is not at all that difficult as you’ll see here.


So, our newly repaired Pawnee ARF from Hangar 9 looks brand new. The repair to the wing is all but invisible. Check out this video series showing the repair from Gerry’s workbench.

Part 1

Part 2:

Part 3:

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  1. Jim Slaughter says:

    Excellent job. Your videos are very thorough and explanatory. Thanks!

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