Stingray Delta .40

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A rugged and snappy fun design for .40 to .45 engines

DID YOU EVER want to build something unique, exciting, cjuickbuilding, fast and cheap? It sounds like their” could n’t be such a combination of qualities in any model but, read on, the Stingray Delta is such a model.

The Stingray was actually designed by accident. While cutting foam cOreS for wings for a pattern plane, fellow clubmate Keith Wallace and I spied the remains of a 4-inch block offoam that seemed to be begging to be cut into a wing core. The tip template for the pattern plane was tacked onto one end of the block and a large root template was designed for the other end. In about 20 minutes we had a pair of foam cores for a delta flying-wing model. We figured we had something interesting, so we shelved the pattern plane and went full bore on our new design. lbat evening we had the sheeting on the wing and ready for joining. The design was in our heads and itching to materialize. We didn’t quit and in less than a week the model was flying. It just goes to prove that sometimes these spur-of-the-moment thoughts should be acted upon, because they can payoff.

To read more, click the link to open the PDF: X12842 Stingray Delta .40


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