Der Jaeger

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Der Jaeger has become a classic in biplanes, and this great model is no exception

WELL, Model Airplane News has to take direct credit for this design. In the November 1984 issue they ran a page titled “Planes Worth Modeling,” with four-views of the Der Jaeger that just begged to be built. Because I am a bipe nut and 1 had recently seen a1/4-scaleDer Jaeger that I liked, 1 was hooked!

The four-views were helpful in laying out my plans and 1 came up with a wingspan of 48 inches, or approximately ‘/.s-scale. 1 figured that a Fox* .40 I had on hand would fill the power requirements.

Before I get into the building sequence, there are a few construction features l’d like to talk about. I built up the cowl by carving a piece of white foam to shape, then painting it with a water-based Latex before applying the glass and resin. then hogged out the foam and washed the cowl with gasoline—outside in the open air, of course!

To read more, click the link to open the PDF: XO2862 Der Jaeger

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    just got one of these very large bip what engine would you recomend

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