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Nieuport 12

Nieuport 12

The model presented here is based on Nexus 3-view drawings from England that are available in the U.S. from Bob Holman Plans Service. Recently, an Albatross Publications “DataFile” was published on the Nieuport 12, and I recommend it as the best source of scale information. The model came about due to a couple things. First was the success and attractiveness of a 38-inch Speed 4000 version I built several years ago. Second was the availability of the ModelAir Tech 3.6:1 belt drive, which I powered with a DeWalt drill motor. The idea of building an IMAA-legal airplane and powering it with a $110 drive system was too good to resist!

To read more, click the link to open the PDF: MAN_x04991 Nieuport 12

Updated: July 3, 2014 — 10:55 AM

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