Piper Comanche

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By Florian Piorkowski

And still another champion for our scale control-line modelers — Impressive record of more than 25 trophies in two years, record that any model can be proud of.

Selection of the Piper Comanche as a detailed control line scale project was inspired by the brilliant performance of the modern low wing aircraft as designed by Piper Aircraft Corperation. Powered by a Lycoming 250 engine, the aircraft has top performance with plenty of get up and go, it holds itself with anything in its field.

The Comanche is scaled 1 and 1/3 inch to the foot. Our Comanche is designed and built with only one deviation from scale, it is the conventional elevator system rather than the full elevator system. The reason for this is the easier handling in flight and the tendency to over control as so many good scale ships do.

To read more, click the link to download the PDF: FSP06621 Piper Comanche


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