T-28 Trojan

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The T-28 is one of those airplanes that, when seen for the first time up close, makes you wonder whether the designers didn’t miss the mission. It’s a trainer, right? Well, in sheer size, it sure seems intimidating. Massive, robust, macho• all that, plus! So why would all that translate to a great RC model? Easy; look at the desirable traits in RC trainers, and what do you find? Big wing, lots of dihedral, tricycle landing gear, ample room for equipment and rugged construction (among other attributes). Now, I’m not saying that this T-28 should be the first model you try after destroying your third ARF foamie, but it is one to be considered if your interests lean toward RC scale. The model has been built and flown in both glow and electric configurations; both performed well, each with its own advantages.

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