Miles Sparrowhawk

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IMAA-legal Golden Age racer

My 26-percent-scale Miles Sparrowhawk is a high-perfor- mance, aerobatic aircraft. Its thick wing and stabilizer airfoils give t h e model stable, relatively slow landing approaches and excellent slow-speed characteristics. As a bonus, it can be flown a t any IMAA o r IMAC (Basic) event. And since the prototype first flew in 1935, it would be right at home at the annual Rhinebeck Jamboree.

The model’s fuselage and wing outline are exactly to scale. It has an aerobatic airfoil, and the dihedral has been adjusted to eliminate roll coupling. The tail surfaces are slightly enlarged for improved flight characteristics. A Zenoah G-62 gives it nearly unlimited vertical climb and spirited aerobatic performance that are worthy of the full-size prototype. The model is fast, and though it has no bad habits aerodynamically, it is not a beginner’s model; it requires advanced building skills.

To read more, click the link to open the PDF: FSP0503 Miles Sparrowhawk


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