King of Cats: 100-inch Catalina

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This scratch-built flying boat is the handiwork of Aris Kosmides of Thessaloniki, Greece. He spent over two years building the beauty from Ivan Pettigrew’s plans and outfitted it with Turnigy motors and Graupner 3-blade props. The  9.11 pound model has navigation and landing lights and retractable float that use a Turnigy MCR servoless retract system. Aris adds, “On my JR [radio] I used mixes to assign differential power with rudder use and this is truly awesome.” We think his PBY Catalina flying boat is also awesome; check out the video and see why!

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22 Responses to “King of Cats: 100-inch Catalina”

  1. Michael Brown says:

    Cool Plane, thanks! I just figured why I’m takeing off or landing wrong, again thanks!

  2. Terry White says:

    Oh wow. What a beauty. AND 100 inch at only 9.11 Lbs. That in itself is amazing!

  3. Tassos T. says:

    Aris, you make us proud with this outstanding model!! Light, yet amazing in dimensions and flight characteristics! It wont get more realistic! Thank you, for letting me be there in its virgin flight! I am sure you will continue surprising us with your expertise in scratch building!!!

  4. JOSE ROCHA says:

    Perfect landings on water. No jumps.

  5. Spiros Terzimbassis says:

    Well done Aris!!!!! Big Bravo

  6. Rafael Hernandez says:

    Wow, awesome & beautiful. Congratulations to the author.
    Where can I read about the mixing rudder – power.
    Thank you.

  7. George Karakasidis says:

    Amazing !!!! Congats to the author !!!!

  8. Dan says:

    Nice job excellent video what type of camera did you use excellent

  9. Tom Mitchell says:

    Truly beautiful. Congratulations on a magnificent airplane. The photography and video presentation were superb, and thanks for using good music that enhanced the presentation – not like so many videos where I have to turn off the sound to enjoy the flight.

  10. in Hwang says:

    Where did you buy ??

  11. Anastasios says:

    Aris is a great pilot and builder as well. So happy that I know him in person and co-flyer in our club @ Thessaloniki !
    Great job Aris !!!

  12. Koolhaas Michel says:

    Very nice plane, and good job from scratch but…una lastima que no sea motorizado con motores de combustión interna!!!!!

  13. jorge cerigliano says:

    Sinceramente un gran trabajo, excelente tanto de verlo como de disfrutar su majestuoso vuelo!
    espectacular eléctrico.

  14. Christos Kalogirou says:

    Way to Go Aris!
    Perfectionist as always.

  15. LARRY H says:


  16. ARIS KOSMIDES says:

    Thank you for your great comments and good words folks.
    There is a thread in RC Groups where you can get lots of information for all RC planes designed by Ivan Pettigrew.

    In there you will realize we are a big community!

    These are all scratch built projects.

    You start with a set of plans, and after some hundreds assumptions, and lots of work, you end up with a model which is one of a kind!

    Anybody thinking of getting into scratch-building I urge you to try it!

    It is half the cost, half the weight, and twice the fun!

  17. Billiano says:

    Nice cause it reminds us of what modellists should do.Build kits and do not get PNF.

  18. Arne Husby says:

    Extremely nice landings! Although I am into gliders, I can learn from this. :)

  19. Ron Dunstan says:

    One of my all time favorite aircraft and nice size. Looks very nice, I am looking forward to tackling my build in 2015. Well done

  20. Claudio Augusto Peixoto says:

    Queria comprar um kit desse! Há possibilidades de encomendar e enviar aqui pro Brasil?Meu e-mail

  21. Claudio Augusto Peixoto says:

    Envie mais detalhes desse projeto pra mim.Obrigado

  22. adenilson coelho viana says:

    quanto custa um aeromodelos desse King of Cats: 100-inch Catalina

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