Magnificent “Mossie” Takes Flight

Aug 07, 2014 16 Comments by

Here’s another treat from our British friends Pete and Dean Coxford: an enormous de Havilland DH-98 Mosquito! This video is a compilation from two flights by RC airshow pilot Steve Holland during a weekend event at RAF Cosford, hosted by the Large Model Association.  Besides the fact that this is a new build, we don’t have any details on this impressive plane. If any of our UK readers have more info, we hope you’ll share with us!


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16 Responses to “Magnificent “Mossie” Takes Flight”

  1. George Babony says:


  2. Charles S. SYlvia says:


  3. Rosaire Bachand says:

    Jolly good show! They can build and they can fly.

  4. Tor Andersson says:

    Very impressive!

  5. Jimbo says:

    Beautiful aircraft and great flying!

  6. eric says:

    I, have a mosquito on the bench……!WOW MAGNIFICENT!

  7. buppa1 says:

    wonderful ! i spent some time at the “Mossie” museaum last time in GB. this model is a fine replic.

  8. Idris says:

    Its REALLY Magnificent, some thing more than Great. I which i am the pilot. any way sine i am not, i bought,

  9. Tom Mauch says:

    where can you get an arf of that?

  10. Andrew says:

    Fantastic –
    what a labour of love!!

  11. Bob Mixon says:

    Beautiful aircraft, very realistic!

  12. Henrique says:

    Uma obra de arte…

  13. Ormúz Arimán says:

    Amazing machine and excellent cameraman!

  14. Bart says:

    I love scale aircraft but they just sort of fly around, don’t they? Mac Hodges’ flights were the best.

  15. Ghalib m al ogaily says:

    nice Airplain looklikes great warbird.

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