F-4 Phantom II Build-it-yourself Jet!

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One of our most popular plans in the MAN library is the F-4 Phantom II designed by Dan Savage and finished in the classic “Blue Angles” Airshow Team scheme.  This electric ducted fan looks like a scale jet but flies like a sport model. It uses traditional balsa, plywood and lite-ply construction and is intended for 90mm (3.5-inch) EDF fan units and 900 to 1500 watt power systems. If you can build a sport plane you can build this F-4. It is intended for intermediate to expert pilots.


Quick Specs.

Wingspan: 50 1/2 in.; Length: 33 5/8 in.; Radio: 4-6 channels; Power: 90mm EDF unit (900-1500W); Level of Difficulty: 2; 3 Sheets; $27.95

Order plans here: http://www.airagestore.com/f-4-phantom-ii.html



Parts available from Dan at: http://savagelight.com/F-4/

f4 parts





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3 Responses to “F-4 Phantom II Build-it-yourself Jet!”

  1. Charles S. SYlvia says:

    I have given away several of that size Jets because of the small wheels that need a smooth surface to fly from. Your plane looks great and I love the Blue Angle colors, I have an big A4 on 120mm fan in thiose colors, but again the wheel size. I have an F-4 which is hand launched ,70 mm, which flies nice. Credit to you for your creation.

  2. Larry Henrickson says:

    Wingspan 50.5in, length 33 5/8in…. come again? Please sort out the dimensions. The wingspan is clearly not longer than the length.

  3. Geronimo says:

    Went to the savage light website looking for parts or a kit and it says discontinued. Where can we get the molded parts, or better yet a kit???

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