Workshop Tip: Fuel Fitting Rebuild

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The secret to a reliably running engine, is a reliable fuel system, installed and maintained correctly. For either Glow or Gasoline systems, this includes the proper use and up keep of the fueling valves used to fill and empty the tank. Prolonged use, and/or lack of use of your fueling valve can result in the valve leaking and not performing as it should.  Some simple maintenance can help you avoid this and prolong the life of your airplane.


Even if you clean your airplane every time you fly, after extended use, dirt and debris can get into the valve. This can result in air  and fuel leaks which can lead to lean engine runs.  If you’ve stored your airplane away for a long time,  the O-rings inside the valve can become dry and are easily damaged when the fueling probe in inserted.


If you do have some of these issues, you don’t have to buy a new Fueling Valve, your best bet is to get a DuBro ”rebuild” kit and replace the wear out components. In only a few minutes you valve will work like new.  If the model has sat unused, it is always a good idea to “lube” the O-rings inside of the valve with a drop of fuel prior to inserting the fueling probe.  This will help avoid the problem of cracking the dry O-rings further extending the life of your valve.


Large Fueling Valve Rebuild kit.


Small Fueling Valve Rebuild kit.



For more information, visit our instructions page on website at:

or contact Dubro Products at: 800-848-9411 and speak to the DuBro tech staff.

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