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RC Aircraft Scale Rivets & Screws

RC Aircraft Scale Rivets & Screws

UK master modeler Phil Noel knows aircraft rivets and screws. After retiring from the full-size aviation industry, his company Pinnacle Aviation custom-builds composite model kits as well as offering painting, weathering and repair service. In this video, he shows how he creates rivets on and applies scale screws to a Comp-ARF Spitfire and a Jet Legends L-39 Albatross.  Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for filming this tutorial. (Stick with this one; after a slow start, the video does show some neat scale techniques!)

Updated: July 23, 2015 — 10:02 AM


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  1. A great way to make rivets and screws but where can you get that bit he used in his dremel

  2. What is the ‘special’ tool he is having at the end of his dremel ?

  3. This is a great video to show to the wife…makes my time in the shop seem “trivial”! Only the bravest would fly a model with that much labor in it….

  4. Wow what talent and skills. Beautiful work almost too nice to fly but gives incentive to do the same!

  5. Great stuff and a very steady hand! The 2 important questions raised are:

    1, what tool is he using in the Dremel to make his rivets? (And note, this technique is to simulate flush rivets.)

    And 2: How does he make/obtain the little vinyl circles for the simulated screw heads?

  6. I also would like to know where I could get the vinyl screws.

  7. I would guess that the special “tool” in the dremel is just a piece of steel tube with a bevel ground on the business end of it. If you hit pause during the close up sections that’s what it looks like to me.

  8. HI Guy`s; You can also use a hot solder with a brass tube adapter at the business end of it. Also I you can use a brass tube at the end of a dremel business end to get the round rivet indent.nI think that is what he is using.
    He does very good work.
    Thank you for sharing.

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