Mastering Inverted Flight

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Flying inverted can be tricky, but veteran pilot (and full-scale aerobatic instructor) Aaron Ham shows how it’s done in this video, which he made while reviewing the Aeroworks 30cc Ultimate Biplane.


MAN Contributor Aaron Ham tweaks his engine before another inverted flight demo flight.

One of the most important tricks is to figure out how much forward stick pressure your particular aircraft requires to maintain forward level flight. Check it out!
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From takeoff to landing, the Aeroworks Ultimate biplane has lots of great features and excellent performance. Aaron notes, “The AeroWorks Ultimate 20-300 is a performer. The power-to-weight ratio with the DLE 35RA out front is phenomenal. As designed, this airplane is an awesome aerobat. I love scale aerobatics and try to fly the airplane as if it’s the real thing. I enjoy trying to fool the unaware observer and mesmerize them with what could be a full-scale aerobatic sequence in front of a crowd gathered at an airshow. Without hesitation, I will tell you that the Ultimate makes me look like a better pilot than I am.”

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  1. isaac says:

    very cool plane!!!!!! and a good pilot to!!!!!!

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