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In Memory of Don Typond

May 08, 2015 No Comments

We’re sad to report that Don Typond, former editor of Model Airplane News in the ’80s, has passed away. A talented model aircraft designer and pilot, Don was a member of the AMA’s scale board as well as pilot of full-size airplanes. He will be greatly missed. Click on the link for Jesse Aronstein’s ”In Memory [...]

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RCX Coming to Costa Mesa May 16 & 17

May 07, 2015 No Comments

Scale planes, exotic multirotors, fast drift cars, detailed military tanks … you name it, if it’s RC, it’s at RCX ! Join us May 16th and 17th at the OC Fair Event Center in Costa Mesa, CA for a weekend of nonstop fun and excitement. You’ll get to see the latest planes demo’d by top [...]

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400cc Chinese Air Force Yak

Apr 29, 2015 4 Comments

This Yak 11 is powered by a Moki 400cc radial and 38 x 18 prop! The 50-pound aerobat is an Airworld model that’s designed for 250cc power, but strengthened to handle the 400cc Moki. Pilot and owner Ali Machinchy notes that the plane was built and painted by Phil Noel at Pinnacle Aviation and has a scale paint scheme from [...]

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The Oceanmaker

Apr 28, 2015 42 Comments

You deserve a nice coffee break , and this fantastic, 10-minute animated video is a no-cal treat you’ll love. “After the seas have disappeared, a courageous female pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds.” Don’t miss it! The OceanMaker from Mighty Coconut on Vimeo.

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REALLY Big Blackbird!

Apr 23, 2015 22 Comments

You don’t often see models of the SR-71 Blackbird, one of the most advanced spy planes used by the CIA. And you definitely don’t see 18-foot-long model jets!  In Israel last week, the world’s largest scale-model of a SR-71 Blackbird took flight. Built over 5 years by Gilad Olinki and flown by Ofir Babish, the 1/6-scale [...]

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Road to Top Gun: Brian O’Meara’s “Sleepy Jean”

Apr 20, 2015 4 Comments

Brian O’Meara has been practicing for his return to Pro Am Pro with his monstrous 1/3-scale P-47, and Tony Quist’s photo shows just how large this airplane is! This Thunderbolt has a 144-inch span and is powered by a ZDZ 420cc 4-cylinder engine spinning a Bold 38×13 prop. The bombs are 7 inches in diameter!

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80%-scale V1 Buzz Bomb

Apr 16, 2015 37 Comments

The bi-annual  Classic Fighters airshow in Omaka, New Zealand, re-enacts the exploits of WW II New Zealand forces attacking a German V1 rocket site in Egypt, and this 80%-scale, RC “b uzz bomb” was one of the stars of the show! Built by a large team over six months, the nearly 200-pound “Doodlebug” is powered by five electric ducted fans using 10, [...]

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DJI Live Event: Model Airplane News is on the Scene

Apr 08, 2015 No Comments

DJI is announcing its latest product in a live event in New York City today, and the Model Airplane News team scored an invite to get the scoop! We understood what all the fuss was about when we saw the latest DJI product: the Phantom 3. From live YouTube streaming to 4K resolution with live link [...]

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