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Extreme Slip to Landing

Oct 15, 2015 4 Comments

At the 1994 Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas, NV, I saw an extreme slip to landing performed by David Von Linsowe’s giant-scale Extra 300S during his freestyle program—it was choreographed to music with the engine off! Ever since that flight, this maneuver has caught my eye. You don’t often see an aircraft slip in [...]

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Unconventional Giant Flier

Oct 15, 2015 14 Comments

You don’t see scale RC models of this WW II aircraft every day! Ken Sheppard designed and built this  giant-scale WW II Blohm & Voss BV 141 over a two year period. The model is fitted with Spektrum radio equipment and eight servos. He notes, “The asymmetric design [was intended] to give clearer views for the [...]

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Create a perfect fiberglass finish, part 2

Oct 11, 2015 9 Comments

Last week, Rick Michelena shared the steps to prep your aircraft for a perfect fiberglass finish. In the second part of his three-part series, he begins the fiberglass work and gets the model ready for paint. Here are the simple items needed to produce a fiber-glass finish that will last for many years. You will [...]

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8 Great Workshop Tips

Oct 01, 2015 4 Comments

EASY-INSTALL EYELETS The brass eyelets that come with rubber servo grommets are often a tight fit, and they can be tiresome to install by hand. A handy alternative is to use a punch or a piercer to apply them. Mount the grommet on the servo, and slip the eyelet over the tip of the punch. [...]

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The Lomcevak: Perfect the Classic Manuever

Oct 01, 2015 1 Comment

As aerobatic RC pilots develop their skills, it’s natural to try different control inputs while flying. And quite often new aerobatic maneuvers are discovered by pushing the envelope. The classic Lomcevak is a tumbling maneuver where the aircraft’s tail rotates in front of the engine throughout the maneuver. The maneuver has Eastern European roots and [...]

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One of a Kind Messerschmitt

Oct 01, 2015 25 Comments

Although the full-size German Me P.1110 was never produced, you can tell from this 1/3-scale RC version that it would have been a force to reckon with during WW II. Designed to be a high-altitude, jet-powered interceptor, it was intended as a deterrent to Allied bombing raids but the war ended before it could be put into production. Roland [...]

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Fantasy-Scale Flying Bicycle

Oct 01, 2015 26 Comments

Bet you’ve never seen RC models like these! Based on a real-life flying bicycle from the 1920s that actually flew across the English Channel, these unusual 13.7-foot aircraft are powered by King 95 engines and fly with 5-foot, 4-inch pilot figures behind the controls! Each model required close to 1,000 building hours, and they fly beautifully. Our [...]

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10 Top Shop Tips

Oct 01, 2015 13 Comments

Here are a few of our favorite tips for building, staying organized and making the most out of everyday items. What are some of your go-to tips and tricks? Share them in the comments section!   Head over Heels When it comes to mixing and applying epoxy glue, you can do the job much quicker [...]

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