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Keeping RC Planes Airborne

Mar 01, 2012 No Comments

Model Airplane News reader Paul Rogers recently sent me a note with some commonsense suggestions on ensuring that the FAA maintains its support of RC aircraft. I agree with all of his suggestions and thought it would be worthwhile to share his letter with you: It’s just an opinion, but the FAA people are in [...]

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Giant Big Stik Gets a Makeover

Mar 01, 2012 23 Comments

When Rick Michelena decided to turn a common ARF into something special, he started with a Great Planes Giant Big Stik and spent less than a week giving it a facelift. Here’s his story. I needed a good sport airplane, but I still wanted the looks of something different than the run of the mill [...]

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Ultimate Electrics: Setting up Speed Controls

Mar 01, 2012 2 Comments

When it comes to flying electric aircraft, it seems the one thing that gives people the most trepidation is programming their electronic speed control. Fear that a mistake will ruin the motor, speed control or LiPo pack (or all three!) is common. Rest easy, pilots: the chances of that happening are very remote. Most of [...]

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Feb 29, 2012 No Comments
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RC aircraft carrier–in flight!

Feb 28, 2012 50 Comments

This year’s E-Fest indoor event had dozens of unique planes and helicopters, but this flying, sheet-foam RC aircraft carrier takes the cake! Powered by four downward-thrust electric motors, the carrier allowed micro helicopters and planes to take off mid-air. This great video was shot by Peter McKay.  

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Scenic flight or dangerous stunt?

Feb 23, 2012 88 Comments

One pilot’s creativity and innovation is another’s idea of a accident waiting to happen. Do you think this video is entertaining and fun, or a terrible idea that will eventually get RC airplanes banned? Watch it and then join the discussion!  

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