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Aeroworks 30cc Bravata

Feb 01, 2012 13 Comments

With a two-piece wing with removeable, premounted struts, the 112-inch-span Bravata is easy to take to the field. It comes with hinged control surfaces, a mounted cowl, wheel pants and front windshield, and is even available with floats installed! Add your 28 to 35cc gas engine and you can be flight-ready in less than 10 [...]

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Make Scale Dummy Radial Engines

Feb 01, 2012 3 Comments

With electric motors now being used more frequently in scale models, we have new possibilities for enhancing the model’s appearance. Because they’re virtually vibration free and run cleanly, they allow any dummy engine and motor mount to be constructed around them and all from readily available home workshop materials. I needed such a dummy engine for my [...]

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Master the Tailslide

Feb 01, 2012 No Comments

  A typical tailslide begins from upright level flight parallel to the runway. The pilot then applies throttle and performs a º loop to enter a vertical up-line. After the vertical line is established, the pilot gradually pulls the throttle back to idle. The aircraft will slow down and eventually will come to a stop. [...]

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Video Update: Half-Scale Pfalz D.III

Jan 31, 2012 3 Comments

Last week, we shared photos of a really big WW I warbird on its first flight, and some of you asked, “Where’s the video?” We just tracked it down and include it here for your viewing pleasure. The sound of that twin inline 210cc ZDZ engine will give you goosebumps! If you missed last week’s [...]

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Sneak Peek: FlyZone Dr.1 Triplane

Jan 26, 2012 2 Comments

  If you’ve ever read the newspaper comics, then you know that “Peanuts” ace pilot Snoopy had a real issue with the Red Baron. While flying his Sopwith “Doghouse” Snoopy would battle Red Baron and then later ease his imaginary, bullet-hole-ridden WW I fighter back onto the ground. Personally, I really like Snoopy, but I [...]

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Ogar SZD-45 from The Wings Maker: Online review

Jan 24, 2012 3 Comments

Looking for a high-performance powered glider that’s capable of full aerobatics and extreme flight attitudes? Check out David Vaught’s online review here. With a huge 98.5-inch wingspan, the Ogar has plenty of room in its fuselage for camera equipment, so it’s an ideal platform for aerial surveillance. The Wings Maker Company is always trying to [...]

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Adjustable Workbench How-To

Jan 24, 2012 5 Comments

Avoid back pain while building model airplanes with this adjustable unit! When designer Joe Marrone saw an electrically adjustable workbench for sale, he set out to build his own. Here’s how you can build one, too! I love to build airplanes, mostly from kits, occasionally from scratch, and even an occasional ARF.  I have always [...]

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Critical speeds for drone aircraft – interesting read!

Jan 19, 2012 No Comments

When I imagine a bird (or drone) flying, I envision it in the open sky, free of obstacles, power lines and the like. This latest news release from MIT shows how researchers studying bird flight speed in dense areas like forests and underbrush can apply that knowledge to drone aircraft, which would be flying through cities and [...]

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