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TOTAL CONTROL: The Right Way to Set Up Servos

Feb 09, 2012 8 Comments

Without smooth, non-binding control-surface movements, our planes would be nearly impossible to direct. Linkage systems, including the servo, servo arm, pushrod and control horn, are often overlooked, but they are the keys to smooth, strong, equal control-surface deflections. Take the time to install the linkages properly and securely to guarantee control surfaces that work properly [...]

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FAA told to make room for RC planes & drones

Feb 09, 2012 15 Comments

This USA Today story has more information on the legislatation that pass the House and Senate and would require the FAA to ensure ways for drones to safely share airspace with piloted aircraft. This, of course, also affects RC airplanes and helicopters.   Within a few years, that flying object overhead might not be a bird or [...]

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A squadron of tiny quadcopters: must-see video!

Feb 06, 2012 5 Comments

Picture this: a nano quadcopter that’s fast and agile. Then multiply it by 20, and imagine this tiny squadron flying in formation, performing tasks and doing aerobatic maneuvers–together. In a video from the GRASP Lab of the University of Pennsylvania, air vehicles developed by KMel Robotics put on an amazing show. I promise that this [...]

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E-flite Albatros D.Va 25e

Feb 03, 2012 3 Comments

The latest in E-flite’s Platinum Series, this built-up WW I fighter will definitely be a knockout on any flightline. Intended for an electric 25 to 52 motor, the Albatros comes with shock absorbing landing gear with scale wheels, top and bottom plug-in wings with carbon fiber wing tube, molded dummy engine and machine gun, wire rigging and [...]

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Aeroworks 30cc Bravata

Feb 01, 2012 13 Comments

With a two-piece wing with removeable, premounted struts, the 112-inch-span Bravata is easy to take to the field. It comes with hinged control surfaces, a mounted cowl, wheel pants and front windshield, and is even available with floats installed! Add your 28 to 35cc gas engine and you can be flight-ready in less than 10 [...]

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Make Scale Dummy Radial Engines

Feb 01, 2012 3 Comments

With electric motors now being used more frequently in scale models, we have new possibilities for enhancing the model’s appearance. Because they’re virtually vibration free and run cleanly, they allow any dummy engine and motor mount to be constructed around them and all from readily available home workshop materials. I needed such a dummy engine for my [...]

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Master the Tailslide

Feb 01, 2012 No Comments

  A typical tailslide begins from upright level flight parallel to the runway. The pilot then applies throttle and performs a º loop to enter a vertical up-line. After the vertical line is established, the pilot gradually pulls the throttle back to idle. The aircraft will slow down and eventually will come to a stop. [...]

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Video Update: Half-Scale Pfalz D.III

Jan 31, 2012 3 Comments

Last week, we shared photos of a really big WW I warbird on its first flight, and some of you asked, “Where’s the video?” We just tracked it down and include it here for your viewing pleasure. The sound of that twin inline 210cc ZDZ engine will give you goosebumps! If you missed last week’s [...]

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