Author Posts A Decade of Power & Performance

Feb 23, 2015 No Comments

Congrats to our friends at on ten years in the RC battery biz! It’s hard to believe a full decade has passed since they first appeared on the scene–as they say, time flies when you’re having fun!   Spokane, Washington – This year MaxAmps is celebrating their 10th anniversary of making lithium polymer batteries [...]

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Russian Front-Line Fighter

Feb 19, 2015 8 Comments

It’s hard to beat the throaty growl of a Moki 250cc engine in a classic warbird! This great-looking Lavochkin LA-7 is piloted by Mick Burrell and was videotaped by our friends Dean and Pete Coxon at the Rougham Model Aircraft Show in the United Kingdom. We think the model looks to be 1/3.5 scale, and [...]

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10 Tips to Extend Battery Life

Feb 18, 2015 25 Comments

We are always getting questions about charging LiPo batteries so we decided to list our top 10 dos and don’ts for charging your battery packs. Now because almost all e-power flyers are using LiPo, LiFe or Li-Ion battery packs, we are only dealing with those battery packs in this article. The first thing is to [...]

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Red Flag Jet Event — coming this November!

Feb 17, 2015 No Comments

Frank Tiano, the event promoter who brought us Top Gun and Florida Jets, has a new game in town! Frank says, “Red Flag is, and will be, a lot of things but it may be easiest to explain some things it is ‘Not,’ or ‘Will Not’ be! For example, it is not for the timid, [...]

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Thunderous Tempest

Feb 05, 2015 22 Comments

You won’t believe how low the pilot of this 1/4-scale Hawker Tempest will fly! Henning Schlömer scratch-built this 125-inch-span, 51.8-pound beauty and powers it with a King 140cc two-cylinder in-line engine. Thanks to Rcscaleairplanes for taking this great video at the Warbird Meet MFC-Oberhausen 2014.

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RC Giant Scale: Big — REALLY BIG! — British Planes

Jan 29, 2015 9 Comments

Our friends across the pond love their (really) giant-scale models, and this video compilation from a recent show is a treat to watch. Videotaped by the father and son team of Pete and Dean Coxon at the Large Model Association fly-in at Cosford, this shows some fantastic models flying in quite a crosswind.

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Enter the M.A.N. Plans Photo Contest!

Jan 29, 2015 No Comments

There’s still time to enter and especially to vote! We don’t care how old your plane is, or even if it’s still flying … we just want to see your photos! There’s just one rule: the plane must have been built from a Model Airplane News, Electric Flight or Backyard Flyer plan. That’s it! This is your [...]

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E-Fest: electrics raise the roof (literally!)

Jan 28, 2015 No Comments

What’s the best way to shake the mid-winter blues? The E-Fest indoor fly-in in the University of Illinois armory in Champaign, IL! Contributor Jim Ryan was on hand, and he sent us this photo highlight reel, including some brand-new releases!                

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