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Half-Scale Bucker Jungmeister — Video Interview

Dec 07, 2011 5 Comments

Rich Uravitch interviews Rick Cawley and gets the inside scoop on this amazing 50% scale aerobatic biplane.   video platform video management video solutions video player Rick’s amazing monster is the very spirit of the Monster Planes event. It’s a serious scale model and Rick missed a lot of TV to get it ready for [...]

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On This Day In Aviation History — December 7.

Dec 07, 2011 No Comments

Of course, December 7, 1941 is “a date which will live in infamy…” But there are several other important things that happened on this day in aviation history worth noting. Here are just a few.   1995:     A small probe released by the Galileo spacecraft began a descent into the atmosphere of the planet Jupiter. The probe [...]

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Giant Scale Nieuport 28 Building and Detailing Tips with video interview

Dec 06, 2011 3 Comments

The Nieuport 28C1 was America’s first fighter. Relegated to a backup role by the French in the later days of WW1, American pilots learned to love the speedy and maneuverable N28. It gave America its first official air to air victories in WW1. Later the Nieuport 28A served as a fighter trainer for U.S. pilots [...]

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Nine Eagles Draco Micro Heli — Just in the office for review!

Dec 05, 2011 No Comments

Check it out, another great flying micro helicopter from Nine Eagles. THe Draco is distributoed by Great Planes   video platform video management video solutions video player Looks cool and flies great! Watch for a review comng soon!  

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Jetman — The inside story of Yves Rossy

Dec 03, 2011 1 Comment

By now, most everyone has heard of Yves Rossy, or at least his more famous label “Jetman”. Yyes has made many impressive flights including through the Alps, into and across the Grand Canyon and across the English Channel, all without the use of an airplane.   video platform video management video solutions video player He’s [...]

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Cleaning up the Office

Dec 02, 2011 3 Comments

Well, I hear that there is a new employee coming into the office! Hurry! Bad news is I have to clean up the other cubical I stole storage room from! Here a pix on my work place enviroment! I need a storage closet!

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On this Day in Aviation History: November 30

Nov 30, 2011 No Comments

   1974: Pioneer II sends photos back to NASA as it nears Jupiter.   1943: The department of Aviation Medicine and Physiological Research is authorized at the Naval Air Material Center, to study physiological factors particularly as related to design of high speed and high altitude aircraft. In one test volunteers played cards between periods [...]

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On this day in Aviation History – November 23

Nov 23, 2011 No Comments

2009:     First Pakistan made JF-17 Thunder handed over to thr Pakistan Air Force. The JF-17 Thunder is a state-of-the-art multi role aircraft produced at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in Kamra.   1996:     Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961, a 767-300 registered ET-AIZ, crashed after running out of fuel in the Comoro Islands in Africa after a [...]

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