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Airport Adventure

Jul 02, 2011 No Comments

I had a chance to catch up with my good friend Nick Ziroli Jr., at the Airport. He flew in to give me an RC Ziroli Stearman PT-17 biplane. This old model is powered by a Zenoah G-38 and it is very old, but well made. I hope to convert it to an Evoolution 7-70 radial for power…..hint [...]

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Top Notch Products Li’l Pup Beginner’s RC Kit.

Jul 02, 2011 3 Comments

Are you looking to make a move up from ARFs models? Well, what you want to do is find a simple kit to build and fly. The Li’l Pup is the first kit designed to be a modeler’s  first kit. If you have been flying ARF’s and contemplating trying your hand at BIY, the Li’l [...]

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How To Install RC Hinges–Video

Jul 02, 2011 2 Comments

More and more RC modelers are learning about the fun and challenge of building RC planes from kits. ARFs make good pilots, but wood kits make good builders. Here’s a How To on the proper way to install Pinned hinges in a built-up control surface. I am using Du-Bro tools and hinges and Zap Hinge [...]

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Warbirds over Delaware–12 day and Counting!

Jul 01, 2011 No Comments

The Delaware R/C Club is again hosting the “Warbirds Over Delaware” R/C airshow event at the Lums Pond State Park near Bear, DE.! For over 19 years the Delaware R/C Club has sponsored this warbirds event which attracts modelers from all over the country! All aircraft flown during the event hours must be a scale warbird [...]

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Rocket Powered RC?

Jul 01, 2011 No Comments

Well with it being the first day of July, I started thinking about fireworks and RC! Great combination!!! Anyway, one of my favorite RC warbitds is the rocket powered flying wing the Me-163 Komet! (Above) plans available from website from MAN library. What do you guys think of these planes? Having a glow engine [...]

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USAF Thunderbirds Precision Airshow Team

Jul 01, 2011 1 Comment

USAF Thunderbirds 2011 Schedule Throughout the year, the famous red, white and blue Thunderbirds fly with precision and pride representing the very best pilots of the U.S. Air Force. If you want to experience their amazing and patriotic airshow, checkout one of their stopovers at a major airshow near you. The Thunderbirds are the air [...]

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Double Header at the Flying Field

Jun 30, 2011 No Comments

We had a great day at the Farmington Flying field, home base of the CCRCC club. The Central CT RC Club played host to our double header flight photo secession with John Glezellis. On the flightline were the new 35% scale Extra 300 and the new Sukhoi SU-26MM SE. Both ARFs and both super impressive! [...]

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62% Scale RC Stearman PT-17

Jun 30, 2011 2 Comments

Is this the largest RC Biplane in the world? We are always impressed and pleasantly surprised by the talented modelers from around the world who push the boundaries of our hobby. The most recent addition to the monster scale league is from designer and builder Frans Tanghe from the Netherlands with his stupendous 62% scale [...]

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