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Master the Basics: Straight & Level Flight

Apr 07, 2016 2 Comments

You should practice straight and level as much as you do any other maneuver. It is also where new precision aerobatics pilots  should begin. It may seem like the most boring thing to do, but in reality, straight and level flight is one of the most difficult maneuvers to master. Sure, rolling circles, tail slides [...]

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Road to Top Gun: F-15C Eagle

Apr 06, 2016 No Comments

We just heard from Jason Bauer who will be flying in a couple of classes at Top Gun. For the Unlimited class Jason will be flying his F-15C Eagle built from the Avonds kit. His 1/9-scale jet is 86 inches long, is powered by a King and weighs 29 pounds. (Above) just a little of the after-burner [...]

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Florida Jet Week — Special Award Winners

Mar 30, 2016 No Comments

Something new happened at Paradise Field in Lakeland, FL this year that captured the attention of a lot of the RC jet modelers. It was a nearly week long gathering, at an excellent facility, of guys who just loved to build, fly and talk about, model jets of all shapes and sizes. It also clearly [...]

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Road to Top Gun — B-17 Flying Fortress

Mar 28, 2016 3 Comments

Dennis “Mike” Grady of Grand Rapids, MI is again competing this year with his amazing Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, with which he won third place in the 2015 Unlimited class. Mike also received the Best Multi Performance award, and for 2016, Mike says his World War II bomber has had a number of enhancements in [...]

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Flight Techniques: Secrets to Inverted Flight

Mar 28, 2016 No Comments

Nearly all aerobatic maneuvers involve some segment(s) of inverted flight, so to keep progressing, you need to develop proficiency with inverted flight. To start, let’s do away with the often repeated reference to the elevator being reversed when the plane is upside-down. It is that kind of thinking that causes people to become confused and [...]

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Road to Top Gun — B-2 Condor Bomber

Mar 24, 2016 No Comments

Another great entry for the Road to Top Gun, this time, we heard from our good friend Curtis Switzer from Port St. John, FL., who will be flying his 168-inch span, 100-inch long B-2 Bomber in the Pro-Am Propeller class. Weighing 45lbs., the big Curtiss biplane is powered by two Saito 180 4-strokes turning 16×8 [...]

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A Metal Finish Made Easy

Mar 15, 2016 21 Comments

I can hear it now, “Oh great, not another Mustang”, from readers everywhere!  Truth be known, I found myself saying the exact same thing at almost every Warbird event I attended, despite the fact that I actually like the Mustang as an aircraft. When this sleek American airframe was outfitted with the British Rolls-Royce Merlin, it [...]

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RCX 2016: Another Great Success!

Mar 14, 2016 1 Comment

This past weekend, RCX 2016 took over the OC Fair & Convention Center in Costa Mesa, CA. Packed with thousands of excited RC enthusiasts, this year’s show had more to see and do than ever before, including the first-ever FPV Drone Racing Championship, hosted by SpaceShipOneFPV. From indoor and outdoor fly-zones and try-me tracks, to [...]

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