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A Swiss Masterpiece

Aug 08, 2013 5 Comments

While the IRCHA Jamboree is best known for incredible 3D flying, there are also some outstanding scale models to be seen in the dedicated scale area.  This year there were some big and impressive scale models on display, but my personal favorite was a truly amazing Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King that was the handiwork of [...]

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Big Scale Made Easy!

May 14, 2013 2 Comments

Large-scale helis (“large” in this context meaning anything bigger than 450 or 500 size) have a reputation for being expensive, complicated, and nerve-wracking to fly. The goal of this project was to have a scale heli that would be affordable, simple and fun. To fulfill these objectives, I looked for a scale body that would [...]

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Museum Scale H-34

May 01, 2013 4 Comments

Darrell Sprayberry of Dalton, GA has earned a reputation as one of the finest scale helicopter modelers in the world, and at this year’s Toledo Weak Signals Expo he placed first in the Helicopter class with his fantastic scratch-built H-34 Choctaw. Also known as the Sikorsky S-58, the H-34 is an iconic design–perhaps the best [...]

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Farewell to Ric Vaughn

Sep 14, 2012 1 Comment

The aeromodeling world lost one of its best September 1 when Ric Vaughn, longtime E Nats CD and driving force behind the SEFF electric fly, succumbed to cancer.  Internet modeling forums were quickly swamped with tributes and farewells to one of the best-liked guys at any flying event.   I got to know Ric in [...]

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HeliCommand HC3-SX

Sep 05, 2012 No Comments

Flybarless stabilization has exploded in recent years, and the latest units offer some amazing features.  Captron, best known for their HeliCommand stabilization systems, now has the X-series, a line of 3D-capable FBL units.  The top of the line HC3-SX not only offers outstanding 3D performance, it adds two remarkable flight modes that make it a [...]

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Taming the Shakes: Vibration Cures

Jun 28, 2012 2 Comments

My first flight attempts with my Huey OH-6 were not successful because minor vibrations in the mechanics resonated in the scale body –particularly the T-tail—making it shake so badly it would literally eject the canopy. These vibrations had been present all along, but they weren’t a problem in the heli’s previous pod and boom incarnation. [...]

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Must-have multi-tool

Jun 07, 2012 3 Comments

Heli pilots in particular will love the Gaui hexagon screw driver multi-tool.  The handle of this cleverly engineered tool houses six double-ended tool shafts, covering most commonly-used metric and English hex wrenches as well as two each Phillips and standard screw drivers.  A rotating top cap locks the shafts in place in the handle; simply [...]

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May 01, 2012 No Comments
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